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Jul 26 2019 6:56 PM
Jul 31 2019 3:00 pm



CodeLaunch is an annual seed accelerator competition between individuals and groups who have software technology startup ideas. The event was founded by Code Authority, a software development company in Frisco, TX in 2012. Since its inception, CodeLaunch has accelerated numerous startup companies and has curated over 1,000 applications from all across the United States and Worldwide. The purpose of the competition is to accelerate the best startups with mission-critical seed services provided by sponsors. There’s no cost nor surrendered equity to participate in the competition and all ideas are protected under an NDA. 

Applications and Selection Process

From March 1st to May 31st, the public can submit their software ideas through the CodeLaunch website. Each application includes a mutual non-disclosure agreement to protect the idea and applicant. After the May 31st deadline, a vetting and curation process is performed by the leadership team at Code Authority and finalists are selected to pitch their idea to a panel of judges, investors, and attendees at the annual CodeLaunch Startup Expo. The curation process will include criteria that emphasizes: size of the project, potential for competition, subject matter appeal, and business acumen of the applicants. The competition is open to anyone regardless of location as long as they are able to travel to Frisco, Texas, in the event they’re selected to pitch their idea as a finalist.

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